Educated Community · issue 1-14

 Futura 2000
 James Jebbia
 Karim Rashid

 Paul Mittleman
 Lee Q

 Agnes B

Rick Powell

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I recently came across all of these Educated Community 
issues stashed in a box in my basement. 
EC was a free Japanese & English bilingual publication which 
ran from 1999 to 2005(?) and was available for free at your local "cool" 
shops around downtown NYC.
EC documented an interesting time in NYC. 
On the covers featured an important figure in NYC, accompanied by
a thorough interview. They pretty much took part in making 
"street wear" the monster machine it is today.

Some of my favorite sections in the issues were of course the cover
story but also sections called Lunch Room which covered the best 
places to eat in NYC. And Social Studies which covered the best 
clubs & parties in NYC. 
To top it off every cover story interviewee wrote out the title of the 
issue and the back part of the issues featured cool advertisements 
by Supreme, X-Girl & Agnes B.

Thank you EC.

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